Hi, my name is Tom Leverich.  I live in  New Jersey.  For 38 years I have been compiling information regarding the descendants of the Rev. William Leverich (1606-1677) of England,  New England, and Long Island, New York.  The purpose of this page is to freely share information regarding the Leverich-Leveridge Family.   Usually, if you can identify your Leverich parents and grandparents, I can identify your specific Leverich family line back to the original immigrant ancestor Rev. William Leverich.    And by sharing with me information regarding your branch of the family, I can expand the scope of our database about Leverich Family descendants.
A Brief Biography of Rev. William Leverich

William Leverich was born in England c 1606.   He was not the son of Sir Saville Leverich of Drawlington Hall, Warwickshire.   No documentation of such a person or place has been found. 

William may have been the William Leverich baptized at Ecton, Northamptonshire
9 November 1606, the son of Abraham and Eleanor Leverich. 

1622:  William registers at Emmanuel College, Cambridge
1626:  BA Emmanuel College
1626:  Ordained Deacon Church of England
1627:  Ordained Priest Church of England
1628:  William appointed to first clerical assignment as curate, Church of St. Peter
          and St. Paul, Great Bowden, Leichestershire
1629:  Court action was taken against William for various forms of non-conformity at
          Great Bowden
1629:  William marries Ellin Johnson at Great Bowden
1631:  MA Emmanuel College
1631:  William appointed Rector of Church of St. Peter, Great Livermere, Suffolk
1632:  Baptism of Hannah Leverich, daughter of William and Ellin Leverich, at Great
1633:  William departs for New England on the Ship James. Mr. Grant, Master,
          accompanied by Capt. Wiggin
1633:  William arrives Salem, Massachusetts
1633:  First pastor Dover, New Hampshire
1635:  William joins with the First Church Church at Boston
1637:  William assistant to Rev. Partridge at Duxbury, Massachusetts
1638:  First pastor Sandwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
1653:  One of the original purchasers of land at Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York
1658:  First pastor at Huntington, Long Island, New York
1669:  Second pastor at Newtown, Long Island, New York
1677:  William dies at Newtown
This is a copy of a page from the Register at Emmanuel College showing the name of our ancestor March 28, 1621/1622
Church of Saint Peter, Great Livermere, Suffolk, England
Photo courtesy of Michael  E.  Leveridge, Cambridge, England
"William Leverich discusses the treaty with the Indians, 1652"
WPA Mural at Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York Post Office
Scriptural Notes of Rev. William Leverich
Newtown Town Records: Municipal Archives of the City of New York
What Do I have to Share?
If you can provide me with basic information on current generations of your family, then I can usually identify your direct line of descent from Rev.William Leverich and email the information to you.

I have multiple documents I can share with you at no cost regarding the Leverich Family History and Genealogy.    The files were created in Microsoft Word software and come on a Compact Disk which I snail mail to you.

These files cannot be downloaded from this site.   So if you are interested, please email me at:
The English Leveridges by Michael E. Leveridge,  Cambridge, United Kingdom

Rev. William Leverich Chronology

Rev. William Leverich Scriptural Commentary

14 Generation Outline of the Leverich Family 1633-to the Early 21st Century

Leverich Surname Index to 14 Generation Outline

Spouse Surname Index to 14 Generation Outline

List of Sources: 14 Generation Outline

Family Group Charts for Individuals in Your Direct Leverich Family Line

Origins of the Leverich Family in Westchester County, New York: John and Benjamin Leverich, Mid-18th Century

Leverich Family Homestead and Burial Ground, Jackson Heights, Queens County, Long Island, New York
These files cannot be downloaded from this site.  So if you are interested, please  email me at:
The Leverich Family Homestead -  south side of Trains Meadow Road -Newtown, Queens County, Long Island, New York - before 1909.

Built by 2-Caleb Leverich about 1670.  Caleb's grandson 4-John Leverich built an addition to the homestead in 1732.  This  eastern view is now 35th Road from 70th Street
Image and descriptive caption from the collection of Catherine Gregory of Woodside,  N.Y.   Used with permission.  Mrs. Gregory is the author of Woodside, Queens County, New York: A Historical Perspective 1652-1994.
Our Branch of the Leverich Family
Here is a little bit of information  about myself.  I am about to celebrate my 63rd birthday in 2012.  I have been happily married since 1977 to  my “better half” Michele, who is into quilting, poetry, French, and the fine arts, among other interests.  We have three wonderful children.   Jessica graduated with a BFA degree from the Hartt School of the Arts at the University of Hartford (CT),  works in the financial services industry, and lives in Hoboken, New Jersey.   Adam, the middle child, has his Associates Degree in Business from the local community college, and manages a dry cleaning business.   Our youngest Emily is taking classes at the community college and is interested in graphic arts.    And of course there are the kitty cats Woodie and Spencer.   Michele and I are both retired employees of the Food and Nutrition Service, USDA.  Michele was our Nutrition Education and Training Coordinator, whereas I was the Senior Specialist for the Child and Adult Care Food Program (aka School Lunch at child care facilities).   We live in Central New Jersey, near Princeton University, about midway between New York  and Philadelphia.
Jessica, Michele, Adam, and Emily
Michele and Tom
Mortgage Bond Executed in 1774 by my 4th great grandfather 5-John Leverich of Cortlandt Manor, Westchester County, New York
Tom Leverich
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December 31, 2008:  Announcing the Publication Of
A Godly Minister: The Reverend William Leverich of Great Britain, New England and New York
Written by Michael E. Leveridge of Cambridge, United Kingdom
In collaboration with Thomas V. Leverich of West Windsor, New Jersey
The Reverend William Leverich was born in England about 1606.  A graduate of  Emmanuel College, Cambridge, he was one of the first episcopally-ordained ministers to cross the Atlantic from Great Britain to New England in 1633.  He experienced at first-hand the early years at Dover in New Hampshire and the settlements at Duxbury and Sandwich in Plymouth Colony, before moving on to Oyster Bay, Huntington, and Newtown in Long Island, New York.   He was both a European pioneer in these places and a founder member of the Churches there.  William's life have been placed in the context of the times he lived.  He emigrated for religous reasons and this aspect of  society in Great Britain and America has been emphasized.  William Leverich died at Newtown in 1677.
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